New release: COVID-19 Datasets

Project Tycho has released COVID-19 datasets for 237 countries. These datasets conform to an updated standard data format (V1.1) that adds additional demographic variables.

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  • All data for one condition in one country compiled in one dataset
  • Select from 597 datasets: 93 conditions for the US, dengue-related conditions for countries around the world, and COVID-19 for countries around the world
  • Each dataset has a digital object identifier and standard citation

Data Query

Compile Your Own
  • Search data for any condition and location
  • Visualize and compare data for multiple conditions or locations
  • Download selected data in Project Tycho standard format


Application Programming Interface
  • Enables data access for computer programs
  • Search data for any possible combination of countries, conditions, and other variables
  • Download selected data in Project Tycho standard format

About Us


Our data research program aims to improve standards, machine readability, and availability of global health data.


We work with national and global health institutes and researchers to make data easier to use to improve global health.

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Our Research

Improving data and global health

Data Research

Our data research includes improving the use of standards for global health data and applying FAIR guidelines to global health.

Research Environment

Project Tycho is based at the University of Pittsburgh and partners with the Department of Biomedical Informatics and Carnegie Mellon University.

Global Health Research

We use large-scale data to study transmission patterns of infectious diseases, the impact of vaccination programs, and climate drivers of disease patterns in countries around the world.

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Our Services

Improving data and global health

Improve Data Access

We help institutes and researchers to make valuable global health data available to others, contributing to open and reproducible science.

Advance Interoperability

We re-represent global health datasets into a standardized format, so that datasets can be reused and connected to other data or software.

Outreach & Training

We work with partners around the world to create awareness and build capacity for data management and sharing in global health.


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Working together for data and health
Wilbert van Panhuis
Principal Investigator
Donald Burke
Principal Investigator
Anne Cross
Database Programmer

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