Universidad de Cartagena: MD (year)

Universidad Nacional de Colombia: MS Clinical Epidemiology (year)


University of Pittsburgh, Public Health Dynamics Lab


I am a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Public Health Dynamics Laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health since August 2016. My research with Project Tycho is focused on the impact of vaccination on health and costs in the U.S. I received my MD from the Universidad de Cartagena, Colombia, where I was born. I also received my MSc in Clinical Epidemiology from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

I began my global health work by studying the impact of rotavirus vaccination on child disease, also reporting on the cost-effectiveness of the vaccine to prevent rotavirus diarrheal disease and deaths in Colombia, Latin America and low and middle-income countries worldwide. Since then, I have focused my research on the impact of different interventions in children, pregnant and postpartum women. I reported on the cost-effectiveness of the varicella vaccine in children in Colombia as well as the effectiveness of HAART in an HIV/AIDS population in Colombia. I also studied the cost-effectiveness of mass pneumococcal vaccination in Colombia's elderly population and assessed the burden of H1N1 in pregnant women in Colombia during the pandemic.