December 19, 2013 |Libraries Promote Project Tycho®

Following the launch of Project Tycho® on November 28th, several university libraries in the U.S. and abroad have featured the Project Tycho® database on their Web sites as a new resource of open access public health data. Various libraries have also indexed the database in their guides and catalogues for retrieval in searches on disease surveillance data. This is an exciting new venue to advance the use of these data among academic faculty, students and staff. Libraries that have featured the Project Tycho® database include the University of Pittsburgh, UC Davis, Georgia State University, William & Mary College, the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Brown University, UC Berkeley, Tulane University, University of Padova Italy, and the Medical Library Association.

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The Project Tycho® database is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the National Institutes of Health

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