February 10, 2016 |Published Findings Presented at Pitt Seminar

Sourya ShresthaOn January 11, 2016, Dr. Sourya Shrestha from Johns Hopkins University was the guest speaker at the 2015-2016 Public Health Dynamics Laboratory (PHDL) Seminar Series at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Shrestha spoke on the findings published in Nature Scientific Reports, October 21, 2015, on the role of influenza in the epidemiology of pneumonia. He employs modeling techniques rooted in applied mathematics and infectious disease ecology, along with epidemiological data to understand transmission dynamics of infectious diseases such as pneumonia, tuberculosis and dengue. He uses multiple sources of epidemiological data, including Project Tycho® data, which vary in the time periods they cover and the scales at which they are collected, and a mechanistic transmission model, both within a likelihood-based inference framework to characterize the nature, timing, and magnitude of this interaction. In this paper, they concluded that influenza infection substantially enhances the risk of pneumonia, though only for a short period.


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