October 24, 2014 |Project Tycho® Webinar for the National Network of Libraries of Medicine

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Dr van PanhuisThe National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Middle Atlantic Region, hosts a monthly "boost box" on-line session designed to 'boost' knowledge and discussion on a topic of interest. Dr. Wilbert van Panhuis, Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, was the invited speaker for the October 14, 2014, session. Approximately 70 health sciences librarians, public health workers, health professionals and others attended the webinar to hear about "Project Tycho®, Data for Health: Open Access to Public Health Data". Dr. Van Panhuis discussed how the Project Tycho® team aims to provide open access to public health data from around the world. Currently, the database contains the entire 125 year history of US weekly nationally notifiable disease surveillance reports. All these data are freely available to the public through an easy-to-use online interface at www.tycho.pitt.edu. Often times restricted access to public health data limits opportunities for scientific discovery and technological innovation.

The Project Tycho® team is continuously engaging in new partnerships with scientists, funding and public health agencies around the world to add or connect new historical and current datasets to the system. New datasets include global dengue surveillance data and Chikungunya data for Latin America (www.tycho.pitt.edu/dev). The Project Tycho® team is collaborating with international partners from a large variety of scientific disciplines to create innovative analytical approaches to add value to public health data. Currently, about 1,300 people from around the world have registered to use Project Tycho® data and over 17,000 users have visited the website since the launch in November 2013. Project Tycho® data are used for research, student theses, dissertations, homework, teaching, and for public advocacy. The Project Tycho® team is excited to present this new resource for the advancement of science and population health.

A recording of this webinar and the presentation slides are available on the Boost Box Archives page under: Project Tycho / Data for Health: Open Access to Public Health Data / October 2014 [Recording | Presentation].

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