April 24, 2014 |Webinar Highlights Project Tycho®

Dr. Wilbert van Panhuis from the University of Pittsburgh was the invited speaker for the April 23, 2014, International Society for Disease Surveillance (ISDS) webinar. Forty-four epidemiologists, public health officers, professors and scientists from state-wide public health departments, public health agencies, universities, and federal agencies joined to hear Dr. van Panhuis talk about Project Tycho® and open access to newly digitized U.S. weekly nationally notifiable disease surveillance data from 1888-present. Dr. van Panhuis discussed the background, methods, results, and conclusions of Project Tycho, wanting to impart to the audience a general idea of the history of notifiable disease surveillance across the United States, to familiarize them with a new resource for historical notifiable disease surveillance data, and to develop an idea of new opportunities provided by large scale historical disease surveillance data for evidence-based decision making.

To view slides from this webinar, click here: http://syndromic.org/resources/isds-webinars/upcoming-recent/745-2014-apr-project-tycho.

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