• Journal: VisGuides
  • Date: Feb. 1, 2019
  • Category: Visualization & Software


Many people are using Project Tycho data to create visualizations using a variety of visualization tools, including Tableau, Python, RAWGraphs, and more, and posting their examples on VisGuides for feedback.



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I am a university student at Swansea University doing a Data Visualisation coursework. I am trying to visualise health data, specifically from Project Tycho. I am trying to visualise the number of cases of Babesiosis in the USA for the years 2014-2017. See visualization

Hello, I am trying to explore the Project Tycho data and could do with a second opinion on my visualisation of a comparison between west coast and east coast American states and how they responded to the rubella vaccine. See visualization

I have created an area chart using Tabeau for my Data Visualization class, and it shows the number of cases of 7 different types of diseases in Texas in the 1970’s. Each disease is represented by a different color in the chart and each point indicates the number of accumulated disease occurrences up to that point during the designated year. The data comes from Project Tycho and I selected these diseases by narrowing down the data to only diseases that have recorded cases throughout the 1970’s in Texas. See visualization

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