• Journal: Vizlib blog
  • Date: Aug. 23, 2017
  • Category: Visualization & Software


Vizlib, a data visualization company, created Vizlib Heatmap, a visualization extension for the Qlik Sense analytic platform. They demonstrated Vizlib Heatmap using Project Tycho data, creating heatmaps showing the impact of the measles vaccine.



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United States of America - Measles


It was a nightmare to me when I was small - going to a doctor, exposing my your arm and get it jabbed by a needle. I hated it. But getting vaccinated saved me a lot of pain as I never ended up having measles.

Vaccination is a controversial topic among different communities. Some say they are promoted by pharmaceutical companies for money making purposes only and are not healthy for any human being, let alone small children.

As with every debate or arguments, decisions should be data-driven and not based on opinion, and this is where our newly released Vizlib Heatmap extension for Qlik Sense can help like in the case of Measles incidents, taken from Project Tycho of University of Pittsburgh.

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