We help institutes and researchers to make valuable global health data available to others, contributing to open and reproducible science.

Improve access to global health data

We are working together with health agencies around the world to improve access to standardized data. Many agencies collect data and make these data available, but not in a format that is easy to use. In addition, every agency uses a different format. We help agencies to approach data access from a user perspective and to standardize data for optimal interoperability and re-use by others. We have ongoing collaborations with the US Centers Disease Control, the World Health Organization, the Taiwan Center for Disease Control, the Colombia Instituto Nacional de Salud, the Vietnam National Institute for Hygiene and Epidemiology, and many others.

Access to research data

We help researchers to make their data available to the public. We re-represent data used for scientific studies into the Project Tycho standard data format and make datasets available through the Project Tycho website. We can also assign a digital object identifier (DOI) to a dataset that will help others to acknowledge the contribution of data contributors, and can help quantify the value of datasets to scientific progress and innovation.

If you can use our help in making your data available in a standardized format, let us know!