Publications that used Project Tycho® data


Audiovisual materials


Project Tycho® Brochure (PDF)


  • Video tutorial for Project Tycho® data exploration and retrieval using the project Web site.

  • Video interview with Project Tycho® lead investigators. In this video, Dr. Wilbert van Panhuis and Dr. Donald Burke discuss the Project Tycho® rationale, applications, and vision.

  • Animation that demonstrates the value of large scale public health data as used by the Project Tycho® team to visualize the impact of vaccination programs.

  • ASPPH Presents: A Vision for the Acceleration of Global Health Data for Science and Policy

PowerPoint slides with Project Tycho® visualizations.

These slides are provided for use by anybody for presentations or other purposes and may be modified or changed as needed to meet user needs. We require that the Project Tycho® database is appropriately accredited as the source of these slides through citation of the following paper:

Willem G. van Panhuis, John Grefenstette, Su Yon Jung, Nian Shong Chok, Anne Cross, Heather Eng, Bruce Y Lee, Vladimir Zadorozhny, Shawn Brown, Derek Cummings, Donald S. Burke. Contagious Diseases in the United States from 1888 to the Present. NEJM 2013; 369(22): 2152-2158.

History of disease reporting in the US Weekly smallpox incidence by state Weekly measles incidence by state Weekly polio incidence by state Weekly pertussis incidence by state Weekly mumps incidence by state Weekly hepatitis A incidence by state Weekly diphtheria incidence by city Weekly rubella incidence by state Weekly incidence for 8 diseases


The code below provide insight to how Project Tycho® visualizations or analyses have been generated to enable others to generate similar output. These code are available to anyone, but we request citation of the Project Tycho® paper as the source.

  • This code for the program R can be used to generate a circle diagram as used in the Project Tycho® visualizations.
  • This code for the program R can be used to generate a heatmap as used in the Project Tycho® visualizations.


Preliminary state reports

The Project Tycho® database is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the National Institutes of Health

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