February 15, 2017 |Project Tycho Featured at Infectious Diseases & Microbiology Seminar Series

Dr. Wilbert van Panhuis, lead investigator for Project Tycho and Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, was the guest speaker at the January 30th Infectious Diseases and Microbiology (IDM) Seminar Series at Pitt Public Health. Dr. Van Panhuis spoke on "Data integration to counter epidemic threats: Computational models of vector-born diseases".

The talk focused on how many valuable datasets are not being used to counter epidemic threats due to challenges in accessing and standardizing datasets, and in integrating data into novel analyses such as epidemic simulation. The Project Tycho team aim to improve the acquisition, standardization, and integration of information about epidemic threats. Dr. Van Panhuis discussed the following examples: 1) Data on dengue fever from eight countries in Southeast Asia found that synchronous dengue transmission in this region coincided with elevated temperatures caused by El NiƱo; 2) data integrated for an agent-based simulation model of Chikungunya in Colombia, representing 45 million people in over 10 million households, schools, and workplaces, found that information about previous dengue outbreaks can help target mosquito control against Chikungunya. The current aim is to make data and epidemic simulation models easier to use and re-use by researchers and policy makers.

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