November 16, 2015 |Prisoners Learn to Program Using Project Tycho®

A team of prisoners participating in The Last Mile is using Project Tycho Level 1 and Level 2 data to learn computer programming. They are creating a web application for interactive maps that highlight the impact of vaccination against measles, chickenpox and polio. The app will also create data visualizations for influenza reports. The Last Mile team will present their work at Demo Day on December 9th at the San Quentin State Prison.

The Last Mile (TLM) was created to provide in-prison programs that prepare incarcerated individuals for successful re-entry with marketable skills that lead to employment.

The Last Mile team

In 2014, TLM launched the first computer coding curriculum in a United States prison (Code.7370). The students learn HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Python. In addition to these front end skills, the curriculum has expanded to include web and logo design, data visualization and UX/UI.

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