November 28, 2013 |Project Tycho® Data Have Been Used by Undergraduate Students During the Undergraduate Data Palooza! 2013

The University of Pittsburgh MIDAS Center of Excellence funded by the National Institutes of Health conducted an international research competition for undergraduate students around the world named the Undergraduate Data Palooza! 2013. Hundreds of students registered as individuals or as teams for this competition which allowed them to use up to 10 Project Tycho® datasets for a creative analysis in one of three categories: 1) The historical context of a disease pattern, 2) a creative visualization, 3) a quantitative analysis of a disease pattern. The datasets included a wide variety of infectious diseases such as AIDS, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tuberculosis, malaria, and others. Out of many outstanding submissions, one winning submission was selected in each category by an independent panel of reviewers. The winners of the competition were:

Runjing Lu and Lu Zhang, Emory University
Prasad Kanuparthi, University of Pittsburgh and Asish Balu, Pennsylvania State University
Emily Hu, Johns Hopkins University

Read more about the winners.

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