Q: What student opportunities are available with Project Tycho®?

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A: The Project Tycho® database provides a wealth of data that can be freely used by students of all disciplines for their thesis, essays, homework, or any other projects. We are interested in any projects that students have done using these data and encourage students to email us their projects (tycho@phdl.pitt.edu). High quality student work will be featured on the project website. Students are also welcome to email us with any questions or ideas regarding the data. Register here to access the data. We also provide volunteer opportunities for students to contribute to Project Tycho®. We welcome student involvement in data acquisition, curation, visualization, web development, data analysis, and data presentation. Funded opportunities are very limited and will be announced separately when available but volunteer opportunities are abundant for committed students. If you are interested in contributing to this project, email us your general interest, skills, and CV at tycho@phdl.pitt.edu.

Q: Are there any data use restrictions?

A: There are no restrictions. Project Tycho® data can be used for any purpose (see license agreement for details). We do require that all published work based on Project Tycho® data will use the recommended citation.

Q: Why is some data missing?

A: We only included data that were reported at weekly intervals from the weekly U.S. NNDSS. For more information on diseases that were included, please refer to the Methodology section of the Project Tycho® Web site. You can also use the Explore data availability tools for Level 1 and Level 2 to see what data is available. Also, all data is not available at every level (e.g., data may not be available at the city level but is available at the state level).

Q: Does the U.S. CDC provide these data?

A: The U.S. CDC provides open access to weekly NNDSS tables that have been published in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR). Weekly surveillance tables have been published in the MMWR since 1952 and were published in the Public Health Reports before that. MMWR disease tables are available online in PDF format on the the U.S. CDC Stacks (1952-1981) and the MMWR past issue archive (1993-current). In addition, the CDC provides access to notifiable disease tables in HTML format with a download option through the CDC WONDER Web system (1996-current) and through Data.cdc.gov (2014-current).

Q: What is the difference between "-" and "0" values?

A: The "-" value indicates that there is no data for that particular week, disease, and location. The "0" value indicates a report of zero cases or deaths for that particular week, disease, and location.

Q: Can I get all data at once?

A: Registered users can download a complete dump of Level 1 Version 1.0.0 and Level 2 Version 1.1.0 Project Tycho® data here. Level 2 data is also available via an API for those users who wish to retrieve the data directly from their scripts or software. No data dump is available for Level 3 data; instead, level 3 datasets may be requested using the Level 3 data request form.




The Project Tycho® database is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the National Institutes of Health

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