2016 SE Asia Regional Meeting on Climate & Dengue Forecasting

The University of Pittsburgh (USA) and the University of Malaya (Malaysia) through support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are hosting this meeting with Southeast Asia partner institutions and international experts to review the status of disease forecasting based on climate and epidemiological data, in particular for dengue in 2016. It was recently found that a strong El Niño season can cause high temperatures and large, synchronous dengue epidemics across Southeast Asia (PNAS, October 20, 2105). The current 2015-2016 El Niño season will also be very strong, and there is a risk that temperatures will increase in the coming months, possibly leading to a large dengue epidemic in 2016. We would like to continue to collaborate with all Southeast Asia partners to continue monitoring the dengue situation jointly. To reduce the impact of a major 2016 epidemic, the best opportunity may be to stop or reduce transmission during the next months.

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