Level 3 data

Project Tycho® level 3 data include all data counts that have been generated by data entry of all weekly U.S. Nationally Notifiable Disease Surveillance reports published between 1888 and 2014. These data have not been filtered or standardized and cannot be used for analysis. These data include a large variety of data counts and often varying types of information. In this level, multiple types of data counts are often available for one location, disease, and week. In some cases, different counts provide conflicting information on a location and disease. The use of data from this level requires extensive knowledge of the historical U.S. disease surveillance system and data digitization and quality control procedures. We continue to standardize data and will include newly standardized data in the level 2 data section of this website at regular intervals. These level 3 data are provided for those that are interested in contributing to the data standardization process.

Version 1.1.0

The current version (1.1.0) includes counts for 58 diseases and 81 disease subcategories for the entire 1888-2014 period. The available years vary across locations and diseases. Version 1.1.0 includes counts for cases and deaths reported and for a range of statistical summary indicators. This version also includes a substantial number of counts for which the disease name, time period, or location has not yet been identified from contextual information.

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