Level 2 data

Project Tycho® level 2 data include data counts that have been filtered from the raw data to render standardized data that can be used immediately for analysis. All level 2 data have been reported in a common format and have not been transformed into a standard format by us, except for smallpox records that included repeated counts for the same location and week, but sometimes with different numbers. These duplicate smallpox records have been averaged into one count for each location and week. Level 2 data include counts for a wide variety of diseases and locations for varying time periods. Because not all data have been reported in a standardized format, level 2 data may be missing for certain diseases, locations, or years. We will continue to transform non-standard counts in a common format and will make these available in future versions of these data. Click here to read more about different types of counts and data standardization methods. Data availability is also dependent on historical reporting priorities and not all diseases were reported by all locations every year.

Version 1.1.0

The current version (1.1.0) includes counts at the city and state level for 50 contagious diseases for the entire 1888-2014 time period. The available years vary across locations and diseases. Version 1.1.0 includes counts for cases or deaths reported, depending on the time period and disease.

Data content

Data availability for case reports

Data availability for mortality reports

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